How To Place An Order

Note: If you’re an agent, please consult with our customer services here. Otherwise, you may proceed with the tutorial here:

1- Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button in any product you want to order.

2- Review your cart item.

You may edit item quantity as well. Then move to the next step.

3- Review Shipping & Coupon

You may calculate our shipping rate and put coupon if you have one. Click ‘Apply Coupon’ if you have a coupon then ‘Proceed to Checkout’ to proceed to the next step.

4- Billing & Shipping

Put the necessary information and make sure it’s correct. We will ship our item to your address. Choose the right bank then ‘Pay with Billplz’.

You will be redirect to your bank login page then pay as usual. We use Billplz and FPX to process our e-commerce payment.

Check your email and we will process our customer order within few hours. The shipment tracking will be updated through email.

Thank you 🙂

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